Hands-free Legislation, November 19, 2019, Additional Update


On Tue, Nov 19, 2019 at 1:36 PM Tom Walsh <k1tw@comcast.net> writes:

I have an update from the Eastern Massachusetts ARRL State Government Liaison (SGL), Hank W4RIG.  Hank reports he has been in touch with the staff at Senator Tarr’s office and they are not able to confirm there will be no impact on  amateur radio mobile operation. 

My understanding is the problem results from the substitution in the final text from committee of the words “mobile electronic device” in place of  “mobile telephone”. 

In the original wording,  the definition of a mobile telephone in Massachusetts General Law specifically excludes amateur radios and citizen band radios.  The definition of a “mobile electronic device” does not have this exclusion.

I decided to call my House Representative and Senator and ask the definition of mobile electronic device in the bill and General Laws include the amateur radio exclusion.

Senator Tarr’s office said they are also trying to correct this.


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