New Rooftop Research Space Needed for W1XM

According to the MIT Radio Society’s website, the club is attempting to raise funds to renew its rooftop space atop the Green Building:

“We need your help! The center of many of our activities, located on the roof of the iconic Green Building (MIT’s tallest academic building), is at risk due to a major renovation. Beginning this spring, the Green Building is being renovated and our rooftop shack is to be removed. This space is currently home to our VHF/UHF and microwave contest and research station, W1XM, as well our 70 cm repeater, and a host of student projects. If we wish to keep our home there, we need to raise $300,000 before April 2020 for the renewal of our space.

“Sadly, the club does not have the financial reserves on hand to replace the W1XM shack. So we are asking for your help. We’re already part of the way towards our goal and have some great volunteers – with YOUR help we know we can reach our goal.”

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