Yankee Clipper Contest Club Special Interest Zoom Meetings

YCCC President Dennis Egan, W1UE, writes on the YCCC mailing list:

Since we can’t meet in person for the foreseeable future, and using Zoom allows us to make some presentations that are hard to do in person, I’ve decided to offer four sessions on operating specific contest modes, as outlined below:

Thur May 28   CW
Wed June 10   FT4
Tue June 23    SSB
Thur July 9      RTTY
??                    VHF/UHF

The Zoom Sessions will start at 7 PM and plan to end at 8:30 PM, although if there is enough interest we could stay on until 9 PM.

I am looking for a moderator for the VHF/UHF session, as I don’t know enough about it to do so.

There will be some prepared material, but my hope is that members will step forward and we can make this a participatory roundtable.  I, of course, have my preferences on how to set up N1MM and operate, but there are others that do it just as successfully.

Some of the topics that will be covered in the CW session:

1. Station Tune-up
2. Operating Game Plan
3. RX Tips
4. Tx Tips
5. N1MM+ Setup/Use
6. Telnet
7. How to Get to Carnegie Hall

If you are interested in preparing some material for any of the above sessions, please feel free to contact me.  I hope these will become sessions with a lot of participation and questions answered.

We will also be recording the session, so you can concentrate on what’s being said without having to take copious notes.  It should be available in the day or two after the session.

Log-in Info for the Zoom meetings will be sent out on Wednesday or Thursday for the CW session.

Dennis W1UE
President, YCCC

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