Northeastern University Wireless Club Special Presentations



Adriana Knouf Art Talk:

On May 26th (Tuesday!) at 11am, our faculty advisor Adriana Knouf (KC1EKK) will be presenting live online her art project that was recently flown to and returned from the International Space Station!

She will be speaking about the project itself, named TX-1, and the audacity of thinking about transgender people in space.

For more information about the project itself, see the link below:

The details of how to connect to the livestream will be released on May 26th on the below page:

Satellite Communications Seminar:

Are you interested in learning how to work with signals transmitted by satellites?

This fall, Adriana Knouf plans to give a talk about the antennas, hardware, and open source software used to schedule, track, receive, and decode those signals. She’ll also speak about how she used these techniques herself to create an art project using many recordings created through this process!

Please fill out this super quick survey to show your interest. We plan to schedule it sometime during the fall semester, and we’ll release more details then.

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