PART of Westford 2020 Field Day Awards

PART of Westford logoPART of Westford will hold a fun competition to recognize members who operated in the 2020 Field Day and who finish first in several categories:

  • Highest number of contacts (subcategories: overall, CW, Phone, Digital, VHF/UHF)
  • Highest score
  • Highest score by a Technician
  • Farthest DX
  • “Home Run”–at least one contact on each mode (SSB, CW, digital, and VHF-FM simplex)

Club president George Allison, K1IG, asks applicants to email him once they receive confirmation from ARRL Headquarters that their logs have been received. He adds, “this is all on the honor system.” 

Winners will be announced at the August PART meeting.


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