K1WCC: “Parks On The Air” at K1USN Radio Club Online Meeting, August 4, 2020

N1DC, K1RV, K1WCC, N1NS posing at KM1CC POTA

“Pi” Pugh, K1RV, writes on the K1USN RC mailing list:

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have confirmed our next K1USN Zoom session for this upcoming Tuesday, August 4, 2020 at 7:30 PM.
This session will feature Henry, K1WCC speaking about the ARRL Parks on the Air (POTA) program. I’m certain that several of you have heard or worked a number of these operations over the past few years. Henry will have a Q & A session following his presentation.
If you would like to join the K1USN Zoom list, send a request to k1rv@arrl.net to be added to our growing list. Those who have signed up and received previous invitations are already on this list! The official invitations will be sent out on Sunday evening.
Feel free to pass along this announcement, but in order to preserve the security of our sessions we ask that the login information not be shared. We ask that anyone interested in attending please send us an e-mail request beforehand.
Pi, K1RV

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