K1USN Radio Club Members Operate in CW Open

CW Open logoFrom K1USN Happenings, 9/8/2020:
Members of the Team K1USN participated in last weekend’s CW Open sponsored by the CWOP’s Club. Despite mediocre propagation conditions the CW bands were filled with activity and our K1USN Team had a very respectable showing! Members participating were: K1RV, N1DC, N1VH, K1VUT, K1TH, K1DJ, WS1L and new member Frank, K1EBY.
A good time was had by all and most of us were able to watch each other’s score progress in real time using the Online Contest Scoreboard with a dedicated K1USN Team sub-group leaderboard.
Thanks to Rick, N1DC for organizing the team and compiling our K1USN Team scores. 

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