K1MKD Breaks WSPR Records

photo of Tate Aldridge, K1MKD, soldering a circuit board
Tate Aldridge, K1MKD

by Derek, AK1WI

In the last two days, Tate Aldridge, K1MKD, of Lexington, has come in #4 and #2 in the world on KB9AMG’s WSPR statistics site, with the total number of WSPR spots – after John (his dad) trimmed 5 ” off his dipole antenna.  Yesterday he had 23669 spots – which is huge!
This is supported by his score of 334 “unique spots” on the VK7JJ mapping software over the past 24 hours- which is an all time record for anybody in our group, and which has dethroned the reigning champ, young Charlie Bures.  (Charlie had about 230 unique spots at the same time).   The “unique” score is independent of the frequency of transmission, so something obviously going terribly right over at the Aldridge household.  [Sci-Tech Amateur Radio Society News]

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