New England Sci-Tech Technician Online Courses Throughout February, 2021


This ONLINE ham radio class will get you ready to take the Ham Radio TECHNICIAN license exam, the FIRST of three certification levels. Geared toward adults, as well as junior high, high school, and home-school students. Yes, we give online ham radio exams, too! (See below)

This is a FULL course taught by a 40-yr veteran teacher, not a discussion group or video service. You will learn much more than just watching a video or buying a book.

Topics range from the science of radio electronics to the FCC rules governing the radio spectrum. Optional text: ARRL Technician Class License Manual, 4th edition, for exams through June 30, 2022, (purchase on ARRL website). Regular practice and study is necessary to get the best results from this course.

Amateur radio (or “ham radio”) is used by people all over the world to communicate over radio waves. Some people use ham radio for emergency preparedness, to provide communications support for community events, to report on severe weather and natural disasters, as a social activity, and even occasionally to contact crew members on the International Space Station!


  • 2 day course: SAT-SUN FEB 6-7, 9:00am-3:00pm, Eastern Time
  • 2 day course: SAT-SUN FEB 13-14, 3:00-9:00pm, PACIFIC Time, special for our friends on the west coast
  • 2 day course: SAT-SUN FEB 13-14, 6:00pm-midnight, EASTERN Time, same as the above course for west coast
  • 4 day course: T-W-T-F FEB 16-19, 3:00-9:00pm, PACIFIC Time, special for our friends on the west coast
  • 4 day course: T-W-T-F FEB 16-19, 6:00pm-midnight, EASTERN Time, same as the above course for west coast
  • 4 day course: M-T-W-T FEB 22-25, 3:00-6:00pm, Eastern Time

Included with course: You will get downloadable lecture study guides and charts, free access to our weekly Online Radio Shop Talk sessions, and a guest pass to the NEAR/STARS Radio Rooms and ONLINE radio club meetings for 3 months, online or in-person.

Family Free: Additional members of the same family may join this course at no extra charge, if sharing one computer and zoom screen.

System Requirements: Computer or Chromebook capable of running ZOOM Meeting, either by Zoom app or through a web browser, a web camera/mic, and a printer.

Zoom Link: A few days before the session you will receive an email with instructions to the course details, documents, and Zoom link. If you don’t see the email, check your spam filter. If you still don’t see it, call or email us.

Please be aware of our Cancellation and Refund Policies. For questions, e-mail or call 508-720-4179.


YES, our exam team is authorized to give ONLINE exams, so you can schedule your FCC Technician exam within a few days of finishing the course. Note that we must collect the standard $15 exam fee for the ARRL VEC separately from the course fee. (Fee is $15 across the country.)

We administer ham radio exams both online and in-person, having proctored nearly 2,000 exams over the past decade. We’ve taught amateur radio classes for over 15 years with tremendous success. Hundreds of people have taken our classes with 99% having passed the exam to become licensed operators. We offer classes for all three levels of ham radio licenses: TechnicianGeneralAmateur Extra, as well as Morse Code.


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