KW2T’s Licensing Class a Great Success!

From Nashoba Valley ARC’s Signal, June 2021:

Dan [Pedtke], KW2T, received an inquiry at work from some young engineers about getting a ham radio license. He got permission from the company to offer a class, and was surprised to get 11 people signed up.

With coaching from Bruce, K1BG, he ran eight 2-hour sessions on-line, using Google Meet, and following the latest Tech license manual. They finished up last Wednesday, June 2. Through arrangement with Dan, MIT offered on-line testing sessions on June 3, 8, and 10 .

Two of his students signed up for June 3, and passed the test with flying colors (34 and 35 out of 35!) Dan informs us that a third has now taken the test and again and aced it–35 out of 35!

So far, there are three new hams in the area from the class: KC1PKB, KC1PKC, and KC1PKJ. Dan is hopeful he will get all eleven through testing over the next couple of weeks. Dan is a W5YI VE himself, and has gotten over 30 new people licensed over the years.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we all did that–the hobby would come alive!

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