Fox on the Loose, Westford, July 24, 2021

Andy Stewart, KB1OIQ, writes on the PART of Westford mailing list:

Hi everybody,


There is a 2m fox on the loose in Westford.  It can be heard on 146.565 MHz near my home QTH (info good on QRZ).

The clue:  The name of the conservation land has these initials (not necessarily in the correct order):  PMC

There are two entrances: one is very well marked with parking for 3-4 cars. The other entrance has a small signpost, with on-street parking nearby.

I forgot to put out the logbook.  Take a photo if you wish and send it to me.

It is still damp in the woods, and annoying flying insects are somewhat abundant.

Have fun and 73!


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  1. Andy Stewart, KB1OIQ, writes on NEMassFoxHunters list on July 27, 2021 at 4:35 PM:

    The fox has been retrieved with a depleted battery.

    AFAIK, the only person to find it was W1FDR – congratulations! Foxhunters definitely Deserve Respect. 🙂




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