“SOS Sounded for Historic Radio Towers”

photo of historic Marconi towerCHATHAM – Driving along Ryder’s Cove on Route 28, it’s impossible to miss the three tall, steel lattice antennas once used by the Marconi-RCA ship-to-shore radio station. Home to ospreys during the spring and summer, the structures are an imposing reminder of the power the station once had to send and receive signals from halfway around the world, keeping in touch with ships at sea for more than 70 years.

Built in 1921, seven years after the rest of the station, the 100-year-old towers are still apparently structurally sound, but there is concern that they may not be receiving the maintenance necessary to keep them that way.

One of the towers, especially, faces an uncertain future unless something is done to arrest erosion along the Ryder’s Cove shore. 

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