The Great Hill Gang “Still Going Strong”

Established in June, 2020, the Great Hill Gang meets monthly at the summit of Great Hill in North Weymouth for a “Day of Radio.” It was started by a handful of local amateurs who were active on the Quincy 146.670 repeater. They decided to meet for coffee at the summit of Great Hill, which overlooks the Boston Harbor Islands. The group continued to meet once a month–even during the COVID pandemic. They adhered to official Massachusetts guidelines; they kept proper social distancing, wore masks, and maintained records of all participants.

“The group has grown over time,” says Mike Antoine, K1UVH.  “We started to set up tables, chairs and canopies, and offered a fellowship to other amateurs and guests.”
The “gang” celebrated its first anniversary at Field Day in 2021 by holding a cookout.  
An important goal of the group has been to provide assistance and mentor others on topics like: antennas, portable power, the use multimeters, antenna analyzers, SWR/ power meters, and just sharing ideas. Mike is proud of the fact that the group has welcomed not only brand new Technician licensees, but also “Amateur Extra class hams who haven’t been on the air in years.”  
The group’s QTH–the summit of Great Hill–affords an excellent view of Boston Harbor, and north as far as Cape Ann and beyond.  “We’ve made contacts all over the world, as well as just down the street–and on all bands,” K1UVH says.
Mike is known by many as the group’s official greeter and “welcome wagon” to ham radio.
“What a privilege it’s been.  I could not have pulled this off without the help of a close core group,” says Mike. He gives credit to: Mike, NA1XX; Steve, K1SEH; Scott, N1KMX; and Joe, WB1EMS. 
The Great Hill Gang will hold its next gathering on Saturday, March 19.

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