K1UI: “What Can We Do About Noise Interference?” at the Billerica ARS Online Meeting, April 6, 2022

Billerica ARS logoTom Walsh, K1TW, writes on the BARS mailing list:

Next BARS Meeting: April 6, 7PM on Zoom

Speaker: Rob Leiden, K1UI
Assistant NE Division Director

Topic:  What can we do about Noise interference?  Help is coming.

One of the biggest problems faced by amateur radio in this era of new technologies is the growth of noise that interferes with nearly every aspect of our hobby.  Solar panels, LED (including pot farm grow lights) power supplies, dimmer switches, computers and many other devices generate interference as do power line failures, cable TV leakage and other service malfunctions.

The New England Division is creating RFI teams, trained and equipped to help hams find and fix noise problems. Teams are forming in all six New England states.   One has started up in the Eastern MA section and our goal is to have at least one in every section.  Rob will be describing how these teams should be able to assist our members if you experience RF noise problems at your station. 

Those who have the technical background and interest to lead or join your section’s team, should contact their ARRL section manager. The section managers will work with division Leadership to establish RFI teams throughout New England.

Rob Leiden, K1UI is both an ARRL Assistant Division Director for New England and an ARRL Assistant Section Manager for Eastern Massachusetts. 

[For Zoom conference details, email Bruce Anderson, W1LUS, at w1lus -at- hotmail -dot- com.]

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