Double Fox Hunt This Weekend in Belmont and Waltham, June 18-19, 2022

Eliot Mayer, W1MJ, writes:

This weekend (June 18-19, 2022) K1MJC and I are putting our foxes out in the same general area.

Fox #1
Call:  K1MJC
Frequency:  146.565 MHz
Location: Rock Meadow, Belmont, MA
On air now through Monday morning.

Fox #2
Call:  W1MJ
Frequency:  446.075 MHz
Location:  Beaver Brook Reservation North, Waltham, MA (accessible from Rock Meadow by foot bridge)


On air from 10 AM Saturday until 5 PM on Sunday

Best place to park for both foxes:  Rock Meadow parking area on Mill St. in Belmont.  If the lot is full, parallel parking on Mill St. is allowed.

The following link shows a map of the area containing both foxes.  From Rock Meadow, the Western Greenway Trail crosses a wooden bridge into Beaver Brook Reservation North near back-left-corner (sorta) of Rock Meadow:


Eliot, W1MJ

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