Double Fox Hunt, Belmont & Waltham, August 20-21

This weekend, K1MJC and I are once again putting our foxes out in the same general area.  They will be within two adjoining conservation areas:

  • Rock Meadow, Belmont, MA
  • Beaver Brook Reservation North, Waltham, MA (accessible from Rock Meadow by foot bridge)

Fox #1
Call:  K1MJC
Frequency:  146.565 MHz

Fox #2
Call:  W1MJ
Frequency:  147.540 MHz

Both foxes will be on the air from 10 AM Saturday until 5 PM on Sunday.  The best place to park for both foxes is the Rock Meadow parking area on Mill St. in Belmont.  If the lot is full, parallel parking on Mill St. is allowed, or you can use the Lone Tree Hill lot just up the street.

The following link shows a map of the area containing both foxes.  The Western Greenway Trail crosses a wooden bridge from the back-left-corner of Rock Meadow into Beaver Brook Reservation North:


Eliot, W1MJ

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