AC1JR First Fox Hunt

Mike Cormier, K1MJC, writes on the NEMassFoxHunters list at 4:41 PM on October 29, 2022:

Congratulations to Jeff AC1JR for his inaugural fox hunt (mobile; he was parked in a secret location) with his homemade fox.

In true ham fashion, he designed and built from scratch this fox, and I’ll let him go further into the further details of it, but I found it to be an impressive feat; some thing that would make my brain hurt pretty bad for sure!

I got wind of the fox being activated on my way home from completing the hunt for the KD1D fox in Littleton, and so I had begun to guess at some possible locations based on knowledge of my hometown and where he may possibly be, suffice it to say…. I was wrong! Lol

After checking out a few locations where I thought he may be, I kept getting indications in one particular area which I spent the majority of my time looking.

After dropping my daughter off, I continue to hunt and was able to find him within five minutes after; I actually had wanted to check the backside of a location that would require me to drive the long way around and, in the process of doing so, I got full quieting without an antenna on a handheld… a ways before I was to reach the destination I was heading for, and so sometimes the old-school methods work the best!

As it turns out, only two of the five or six bearings that I had taken with my app “FoxHunt Pro“ were accurate and actually pinpointed him where they crossed; that’s the problem, sometimes you don’t know which bearings are the accurate ones!

I’ve been working on a fox that I could use for mobile hunts like this, and so I’m inspired to finish it now, and join in the fun!

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