N1EA Book Review: “Radio History: Ship Shore” in CQ Magazine

"Radio History: Ship to Shore" book coverCongratulations to David Ring, N1EA, of Green Harbor, MA, for his book review of Spurgeon “Spud” G. Roscoe’s book “Radio History: Ship Shore.” Ring’s review appears in the October, 2023 issue of CQ Magazine.  The book is available on Amazon.com.

“From flags and pennants to Morse code and complex telecommunications, ‘Radio History: Ship Shore’ is a treatise on the navigational aids vessels have used over the centuries. Author Spurgeon “Spud” G. Roscoe takes the reader on a journey through the evolution of communication systems globally, from the days of Columbus to modern times.”

Ring is certainly familiar with his subject matter, having served as a radio officer in the United States Merchant Marine. Ring himself made marine communications history on October 4, 1980, when he and fellow radio officer James N. Pfister, NS1L, serving aboard the US flagged supertanker “Williamsburgh” (call sign WGOA), picked up an SOS from the passenger cruise ship MS Prinsendam, call sign PJTA (Netherlands Antilles) in the Gulf of Alaska . The Prinsendam was on fire and burning out of control when Ring and Pfister picked up her SOS.

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