USCG Auxiliary Division 5 Weekly Sunday Amateur Radio Net Starts Sunday 3/10/24 at 1100 AM

Joseph-Fratto-N1RLO, FCC General Radiotelephone Operator  writes:

I attended the MMRA Minuteman Repeater Association board of directors meeting this evening. They
discussed and approved the “Auxiliary Net” to take place every Sunday morning from 11:00 to 12:00 on
the MMRA repeater network. The MMRA is a nonprofit Amateur Radio Club dedicated to Emergency.
Communications. The MMRA owns about twenty-five repeaters.

We will be using an assignment of eight repeaters all linked together on separate frequencies covering
from the Worcester area to the Boston Harbor. They are waiting for me to give them further areas we
wish to cover. Our members in New Hampshire please let me know of 2 meter machines in your area
so we can determine whether they can be linked to allow you access to the net. Currently we are able
to get into the Nashua area.

147.120-Billerica PL 146.2
146.715-North Reading PL 146.2
146.820-Boston Prudential PL 146.2
146.790-Weston PL 146.2
147.270-Marlboro PL 146.2
146.610-Mendon PL 146.2
146.670-Quincy PL 146.2 (Temporarily off air for a couple of weeks)
442.250-Lowell PL 88.5

There is also an Echo Link system attached to this linked repeater net. The Echo Link can handle up to 100 callers at a time. If you are a licensed Ham with a callsign and you don’t have a radio you can come into the net by Echo Link.

These repeaters will be all automatically linked during the 11 to 12:00 Net times. They are all analog.
Please check online for the PL CTCSS tone codes.

The net control station for the present time will be myself using my Ham radio callsign N1RLO. Ham radio
callsigns only on this net. This is a Ham radio net on Ham radio frequencies NO federal callsigns allowed.
The first “Auxiliary Net” will be held on Sunday 10 MAR 2024 at 11:00 hrs. AM. This is a fellowship net and
NO official business to be discussed.

This is a good time for any members who are not licensed Ham radio operators to become motivated and
get their entry level Ham license. Everything including the FCC exams are online and very convenient. This
system is so robust you should be able to hit one of these repeaters with a portable walkie talkie.

The Prudential Building 146.82 repeater should cover the entire harbor area out to and including P Town.
For help with programming contact Dan Long for help.


Joseph Fratto
FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License

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