N1JDH: “Magnetic Loop Antennas” at Cape Ann ARA Meeting, March 9, 2024

CAARA logoCape Ann ARA President Brandon Hockle, NQ1W, writes on the CAARA list:

Just a quick reminder that CAARA’s members meeting will be held this weekend Saturday 3/9 at noon inside the Stanwood St. clubhouse.

This month we’ll be treated to another presentation in Paul Kreuger’s Antenna Talks Series. This talk will focus on magnetic loop antennas, their design, performance, and radiation patterns. These have been a lot of fun and I always learn something new from Paul. Hopefully you will too,
Lunch will be provided by Bill Morris W1WMM for a small donation to the CAARA repeater fund. This fund is being established to help CAARA cover the many thousand dollar upgrade and repair work on our 2m antenna at Blackburn Park.
I look forward to seeing you all up there, it should be a great time!

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