Henry Brown, K1WCC

Henry Brown, K1WCC
19 Sao Paulo Drive
East Falmouth, MA 02536
Mobile: 774-392-1158

Henry is Assistant District Emergency Coordinator for the Cape and Islands and an Emergency Coordinator for Falmouth, MA. He works with Falmouth Fire and Rescue, Falmouth Hospital, and the Cape Cod Regional Emergency Planning Committee on shelter management. Licensed in 1994, Henry’s interest in amateur radio began in junior high school, and he was later a member of the Falmouth High School Radio Club.

At that time, and for years after, his main interest was short wave listening, a good prep for HF amateur radio. He has held every available amateur radio license except Novice. Currently, he holds an Extra Class. He has been President, VP and Secretary of the Falmouth Amateur Radio Association, Inc.

Besides his involvement in ARES, Henry’s main amateur radio interests are public service, weather, and casual contesting. He is Net Control for Tuesdays for the New England Weather Net on 75 meters and participates in other weather nets including SKYWARN Nets as a SKYWARN Trained spotter, as well as the Boston Marathon, Head of the Charles Regatta, Cape Cod Marathon and Falmouth Road Race and is communications coordinator for the Rhode Island CF Ride for Life. He is a member of the Falmouth CERT Team.

Henry’s work life for 50 years was oceanographic and marine electronics. He is now retired and has been married to Lynne for 51 years, with two children and 8 grandchildren. His son Chris is a firefighter and holds amateur license KB1SSP.

Contact him at k1wcc@comcast.net.