Ralph Devlin, N1LAH

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Ralph T Devlin, N1LAH
1 Caulfield Road
Wayland, MA 01778


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My first callsign was KN1BKI, issued in 1957. Like so many others at
the time, my novice license expired and I did not timely upgrade.
Over the years my fascination with radio continued, monitoring
public safety activity, ham bands and aircraft. Back in the day I was
active on citizens band and still monitor during bad weather. When a
boat owner I routinely monitored and transmitted on marine VHF. In
1991 the “no code” technician license caught my 9 year old son’s
attention. We studied together and got licenses. Shortly thereafter I
upgraded to general and, eventually, upgraded to extra.
Most of my regular ham activity has been public service and
national traffic system activities, VHF and HF phone. I was appointed
an Official Relay Station in April 1992. However, I hardly ever let a
CQ on HF or a “listening” on VHF/UHF go unanswered; especially if it
sounds like a new callsign. Occasionally I engage in rag chew QSOs
or make a few contacts during a contest.
Eastern Mass is hardly a
“rare one” so I don’t get chased.
Although I passed the required code tests for my licenses, cw has
never become my second language. One of my retirement goals
was, and continues to be, improving my cw skills to the point of
sufficient confidence to do traffic handling on cw. This is still a hope.
I was delighted to help reactivate the former Eastern Mass Rhode
Island Phone Net as the Massachusetts Rhode Island Phone Net in
October 2015. The net meets at 5:00PM on 3.978 MHz. After each
net session there is the opportunity for informal chit chat. All are
73, Ralph