Steve Schwarm, W3EVE

Steve Schwarm, W3EVE
30 Hayden Woods
Wrentham, MA 02093

Steve was first licensed in 1962 as KN1VQG, the same year he earned Eagle Rank in the Boy Scouts. He earned his Technician and General Class Licenses in 1963. He was active in local Civil Defense until he left for college. Ham Radio helped lead him to get a BS degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from WPI. He worked part-time as 1st class commercial phone licensee at WORC while at WPI. After graduation, he moved to Delaware and was assigned the W3EVE call sign. He was an active member of Army MARS in Delaware.

After working for DuPont for 13 years, Steve returned to Massachusetts. He was active in public service events and NTS (National Traffic System). He volunteered to be Technical Coordinator (TC) for the Eastern Massachusetts section and was later asked to be Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC). As SEC, Steve helped start the Eastern Massachusetts ARES training program and helped ARRL develop their training program based on the EMa ARES program. He led a team of 13 to NYC after the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. He organized Amateur Radio communications for the Boston Marathon course segment from 2001 to 2014. Steve is currently serving as a District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) for Norfolk County. As an engineer, most of his work has been in software closely connected to the computer hardware. He is now retired but working on occasions.

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