20th USA Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championships, Boston, MA, Cancelled

March 28–The ARRL ARDF Committee has determined that the 20th USA ARDF Championships scheduled for June 9-14, 2020 near Boston, MA must be cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation. With events surrounding COVID-19 developing rapidly, along with the obvious need for urgent steps to contain its spread, the need to cancel the championships has become apparent. The 20th USA Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championships will be rescheduled for a future date.
USA ARDF Championships are open to everyone – there is no previous ARDF experience required, nor are competitors required to have an amateur radio license. There are usually several days of practice events followed by four days of competitions. The best radio athletes in the USA compete for spots on Team USA while others get their first taste of the sport. Stay tuned to messages from this group for all the latest announcements and information, or visit http://arrl.org/ardf.


Boston Chosen For 2020 USA Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championships

The ARRL Amateur Radio Direction Finding Committee has approved a proposal for the 2020 USA ARDF Championships to be held near Boston on June 9-14, 2020. The actual site selections will be mapped by the New England Orienteering Club. The program will consist of the following activities:
* Sprint
* Foxoring
* Classic-2m
* Classic-80m
* Two days of practice followed by four days of competition
* A Saturday evening banquet
According to Charles Scharlau, NZ0I, “We would love to have youth ham-club members attend. […] We might be able to arrange for a youth training session prior to or during the practice days. Youth could also participate in the practices and competitions.”
Last year’s Championships were held near Raleigh, North Carolina.
[For more information on sprints and foxoring, see http://www.homingin.com/sprints.html.]