Boston Chosen For 2020 USA Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championships

The ARRL Amateur Radio Direction Finding Committee has approved a proposal for the 2020 USA ARDF Championships to be held near Boston on June 9-14, 2020. The actual site selections will be mapped by the New England Orienteering Club. The program will consist of the following activities:
* Sprint
* Foxoring
* Classic-2m
* Classic-80m
* Two days of practice followed by four days of competition
* A Saturday evening banquet
According to Charles Scharlau, NZ0I, “We would love to have youth ham-club members attend. […] We might be able to arrange for a youth training session prior to or during the practice days. Youth could also participate in the practices and competitions.”
Last year’s Championships were held near Raleigh, North Carolina.
[For more information on sprints and foxoring, see]

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