KB1TLR: Go-Kits, Falmouth ARA Meeting, April 25, 2019

Falmouth Amateur Radio AssociationBrent Putnam, W1NCH, writes on the Falmouth ARA Facebook page:

The April meeting of the Falmouth Amateur Radio Association will be held on Thursday, April 25, at 7:00PM in the Falmouth Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

This month, our own Vice President, Barry, KB1TLR, will be doing a presentation about go-kits.

And we have an announcement about a Go-Kit Contest!

The EOC (also known as the training room) is located at the back of the second floor of the Falmouth Fire and Rescue Department (FFRD) headquarters at 399 Main Street in Falmouth. The public entrance to the building and parking lot are off of King Street.

Several members will be having dinner before the meeting at Liam Maguire’s (273 Main Street, across from the library) at 5:30pm. It’s 900 Thursday, so call in on the FARA 900 repeater on 927.850 -25.7875, PL 88.5. If you don’t have 900, we’ll also be listening on the FARA K1RK repeater, 146.655-, PL 88.5.

All are welcome to join us!

Cape Ann ARA: “Go Kits” Open House, March 20, 2018

CAARA logoGardner H. Winchester II, KA1BTK writes on CAARA list:

“Please join us at [the Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association] for Tuesday evening’s Open House, 4:00 – 9:00 PM or any time in between!

This week, we want to try something new.  We’re going to try to run a bit of an info session.  The topic will be Amateur Radio “Go-Bags” for emergency and public service operations.  Several members have assembled Go-Bags and Go-Kits and we would like to see what you have and share your thoughts.”

The Cape Ann ARA club station is located at 6 Stanwood Street, in Gloucester Massachusetts, Tel. # 978-282-7645. They operate the 2-meter W1GLO repeater on 145.130  MHz (– input,  with a 107.2 PL tone) 

ARES Stand Down for Winter Storm/Blizzard

Hello to all…


Eastern Massachusetts ARES is standing down from its standby status that began on January 4, 2018 at 06:00AM. A Major Winter Storm/Blizzard impacted the region Thursday 1/4/18 with one of the more significant coastal flood events in recent memory in East Coastal Massachusetts including Cape Cod and the Islands. Also there was significant snowfall away from Cape Cod and the Islands with whiteout and near blizzard conditions as well as pockets of tree and power line damage from damaging wind gusts and wet snow on trees and power lines. No requests for ARES support have been requested.

I would like to thank everyone who offered their time and gave their availability for deployment either locally or in an ARESMAT scenario. Even though no deployments were required I hope everyone took this opportunity to check their go-kits, check your supplies, and know that the call could come at anytime.

The NWS Taunton SKYWARN final summary can be seen at:


What is ARES Stand-By mode?

ARES stand-by mode is to alert Amateurs within ARES that a mobilization is possible on a wide-scale and that some localized mobilizations are or could be taking place in isolated areas. It means to take a look at your Go-Kit and have batteries and equipment ready to go and charged up and take care of any requirements at home in case a mobilization is required and you can participate. Do NOT self-deploy. Wait for guidance from leadership for any deployment. It is an honor to be ready even if you don’t deploy for the event. Hopefully, this is just another exercise of our preparedness and capabilities. If not, the ARES leadership looks forward to working with you if any wide scale mobilization is required after the impact of this major storm to the region is fully understood.

Thanks for your continued support of Eastern Massachusetts ARES!

Respectfully Submitted,

Marek Kozubal (KB1NCG)
ARES Eastern MA Section Emergency Coordinator