Another CEMARC Youth Net Milestone


This week’s CEMARC Youth Net reached its second milestone.

Young Kelsey McGovern, using her father John’s call, W1JMC, acted as Net Control for the net entirely on her own this week. She performed her net control duties perfectly by maintaining control, generating a platform for participant discussion, and overall, sounded like a professional NC with years of experience.

“Kelsey, congratulations on your performance.”

For those of you who haven’t taken the time to encourage young hams, or future hams that you are aware of, whether are your own, a relative’s, a neighbor’s or a friend’s, to join this wonderful group of young adults in their ham radio experience on the air, shame on you.

If we don’t encourage these young adults now, then we are doing them, and ourselves a disservice. Take a minute, think of who might enjoy getting on the air with them. Call their parents. Offer them your assistance in getting on the air. Review your club rosters for family memberships, and contact that member and remind them of the net. If you’re connected to a Scout group, arrange to have them over your shack on Sunday. Thanks to the MMRA linked system, it’s possible for almost any youngster to join in.

It’s up to all of us now to help build this fine group. Keep them active and help the net grow. Give our youth a minute of your time, make a call.

Note: Ann Weldon, KA1PON, was presented a well deserved Certificate at the CEMARC meeting Saturday for her outstanding, and continuing contributions to the children of the ham community.” Congratulations and thank you, Ann”. Additionally, Kevin, K1KWP, and the MMRA Control Operaters were also recognized for their contributions in helping to make the Youth Net possible.

Remember, this net is for children ONLY.

Weekly Schedule – Sunday 7:00pm MMRA Repeaters

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