Whitman ARC Plimoth Plantation Special Events Op a Huge Success!

Whitman ARA gangThe Whitman Amateur Radio Club conducted a two-day special event from the Plimoth Plantation over the weekend following Thanksgiving.

Bruce Hayden, President of the Whitman Club reports that 16 area amateur radio operators “hams” set up five base stations and portable antennas at the re-creation of the 17th century Pilgrim settlement and Indian homesite. They exchanged contacts with just over 170 other amateur radio operators in 32 States, 8 foreign countries and 4 Canadian Provinces…The ham operators spread the word of Plimoth Plantation over the airways. They explained about the living museum and how they found the visitors, especially the children, amazed by the actors, dressed as Pilgrims and trained to speak in the language of the time. The ‘settlers’, to stay ‘in part’ would not acknowledge the existence of any of our modern technical wonders as they explained about the harsh reality of early Pilgrim life.

In preparation of the event, notice of the program was published in QST. The crew found amateur radio operators from all over the world waiting to make contact with Plimoth Plantation.

Each amateur who contacted the club station WA1NPO, was entitled to receive a certificate suitable for framing which includes a picture of the Mayflower II and confirms the date and time of the contact.

Along with listening to one of the conventional voice stations, Walter Dolson K1BZD of Whitman set up a message center and 36 visitors took advantage of the opportunity to send messages to friends or relatives. Walter was able to explain to the visitors to the plantation how we practice sending routine messages, via radio to amateur radio operators in the local neighborhood who pick up the phone and deliver the message free of charge. Walter also explained how these routine messages could quickly change to priority or emergency messages in times of National emergencies.

The Licensed operators who were able to participate in this special event were Jeff Tracey N1SOM and Mike Marinucci N1FRV of Abington, Roy Logan KB1CYV of Bridgewater, Ed Meehan N1NTZ of Brockton, Bill McInerney N1KBV of Buzzards Bay, Chris Tilden N1WWI and George Pedro KE1KR of E. Bridgewater, George Davis KC1FZ of Hingham, John Coombs WQ1L and Jim Gilbert W5IRW of Marshfield, Jim Halpin KB1ETW, Jim O’Rourke WG1L and Don Keene KA1PJX of No. Weymouth, Bruce Hayden NI1X of Raynham and Bill Hayden N1FRE and Walter Dolson K1BZD of Whitman. —Thanks, MARANews

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