HF Nets now part of Monthly RACES Net – From N1CPE

Hello and Happy New Year to All!

I’d like to announce formally that we have been and plan to continue to operate HF nets in conjunction with our monthly First Monday RACES nets across the state.

These Nets convene at 7pm local time on or about 3.943 MHz, and 7.245 MHz LSB on the first Mondays of every month for those stations or communities that wish to test their HF equipment regularly. In addition these frequencies may be activated during RACES or ARES activations in Massachusetts.

At times, noise and other conditions may interfere with these nets. Our team of HF Net control stations will do their best to convene the nets, and pass any official or other traffic as needed.

Thanks to our team of HF net control stations: Marc WA1R, Chatmon WA1FIR, Steve W3EVE and Jerry AA2T.

Tomorrow night, January 6 at 7pm these nets will convene, as will local VHF nets at their appointed times.


-Tom Kinahan N1CPE

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