Amateur Communications Assistance for 2003 BAA Marathon

BAAW3EVE writes:

“Radio operators are making preparations to support the 107th running of the Boston Athletic Association Boston Marathon on April 21, 2003. Amateur Radio plays a vital part in supporting runners before, during, and after the marathon. This year we have a combined organization handling all phases of radio support; start area, length of the course, and finish line. Positions are available starting early in the day in Hopkington, along the route at aid and water stations, and at finish line operations in Boston. You can chose which activity you will be involved with, or work multiple locations. In Hopkington, we will assist with coordinating the multiple parking areas and providing for start line safety. Along the 26 mile route, assisting the Red Cross at aid stations with supply requirements and ambulance dispatch. Runner pick up busses traveling the route will have hams on board. At the finish line, working with the medical teams and shadowing officials.”You will need a two meter or dual band HT, extended antenna, and extra batteries for participation. Procedure sheets will be available before the event. We will try to accommodate your needs within the confines of the event set up.

“To signup mail in the BAA volunteer form available at the baa web site ( You can find the volunteer form by clicking B.A.A Marathon under B.A.A. Volunteering then click GENERAL VOLUNTEER APPLICATION. Fill it out and mail it in as instructed. Check in the Race Day section: if you want to work the start check radio team; if you want to work the finish check ham radio (finish only); and if you want to work the course check ham radio (course only). We will be doing a mailing at the end of Feb. with more details. You will be able to change your mind at that time as well. Or feel free to contact Steve Schwarm, W3EVE at (508)384-7697, Please no calls after 9PM or before 8AM.”

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