State EOC Activating 1 PM For Winter Storm

N1CPE writes at 10:14 am ET:

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been informed that the State EOC will be activating, with amateur
radio operators in attendance beginning at 1pm. HF nets will likely be in
standby mode (7.245+ and 3.942+) as well as activation of the statewide 6m
RACES repeater (53.31).

SKYWARN will be active today with the storm. Please follow the direction of
SKYWARN net controls.

As in any potential emergency situation, please monitor the 2m repeater
assigned to your community by the State RACES plan at all times for communications with
government and served agencies in your community.

As the State EOC is located in Framingham, we expect to monitor 146.64 for
incoming traffic, as well as RACES coordination frequencies as defined in
the State RACES plan.

Tactical identification of “State EOC” will be used by this station. The
FCC assigned callsign is WC1MA.

I will update these lists with any further information as required.

-Tom Kinahan N1CPE
Massachusetts State RACES Radio Officer

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