Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces DayN1YCQ writes on brca-club:

The Armed Forces Day military-to-amateur cross-band communications test is this weekend May 10 and 11. This is the only opportunity for amateurs to contact other non-amateur stations as permitted by the FCC under Part 97 rules. All 2-way contacts will be split-freq and may be split-mode. Split-freq meaning that the military station will, for example, transmit on a frequency of 6.913 MHz and announce that he is listening on say 7.245 MHz. This is a common practice for DX pile-ups. Split-mode meaning that you might receive the military station in USB but transmit to it in LSB. The military stations will also transmit an Armed Forces Day message via various digital modes. I have included a link from the ARRL website that has the Armed Forces Day schedules for the participating military stations. Let me know if you have any questions.

73 de N1YCQ

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