N1ZZN Nominated for Hiram Percy Maxim Award

Jeff Lehmann, N1ZZNBob Burns, K1RB has nominated Jeff Lehmann, N1ZZN for the ARRL Hiram Percy Maxim Award!

Jeff, N1ZZN has been active with many other amateur radio groups in the area and supporting letter of recommendation were sent by Bob Burns, K1RB, Pi Pugh, K1RV, Bruce Beaman, K1HTN, Jed Barton, N1JBC, Bob Callahan, W1QWH, Stephen “HO” Johnson Jr., KC1HO and Don Benecchi, K1DC along with a letter of recommendation from Bruce Hayden, NI1X representing all the Officers and members of the Whitman Amateur Radio Club, an ARRL Affiliated Club.

Jeff N1ZZN was a graduate of the 1997 Fall Classes of the Whitman Amateur Radio Club and joined the Whitman Club in December 1997 at 13 years of age. Jeff N1ZZN was first active helping promote amateur radio and operating at the Whitman Club’s annual Plimoth Plantation Special Event in 1997 and he has been active ever since.

Over the past five (5) years Jeff, N1ZZN helped promote Amateur Radio and develop amateur radio communication skills by participating in Field Day, Fox Hunting, SKYWARN training, getting active with the Whitman Amateur Radio Public Service Net and the Cape and Islands Traffic Net, helping with the Boston Marathon and participating with the USS Salem Radio Club—helping to put this Museum Ship on the air. Recently Jeff and the other members of the USS Salem Amateur Radio Club have been introducing Amateur Radio to thousands of Boy Scouts with their weekend activities.

Jeff Lehmann first created the Whitman Amateur Radio Club Web Page in the fall of 1998 and has been maintaining it ever since. This past year Jeff has added the monthly newsletter as a feature to the Web page which has further encouraged over half the club members to retrieve the club newsletter in electronic format. This initiative by Jeff makes the newsletter available to all the friends of the Whitman Amateur Radio Club. (See: www.qsl.net/wa1npo)

It was also reported that Jeff is a Vice Director of the New England Spectrum Management Council and publisher of a computer New England Repeater Directory.

We all know that Jeff’s involvement with the Whitman Amateur Radio Club is only a small, but significant part of his overall growth and development that balances family, school, work and Amateur Radio. At the last meeting, Jeff, N1ZZN reported that he plans to enter the Electrical Engineering program at U. Mass. Dartmouth this fall. Jeff is a valued member of the Whitman Amateur Radio Club and of the Amateur Radio community in Southeastern Massachusetts. We wish Jeff all the best in his future endeavors.

—The WARC Spectrum

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