South Shore RA Comm Support for Walk

Amateurs from the South Shore Repeater Association supported communications for the Good Friday Walk. The Walk is held each year in Hingham in Wompatuck State Park. The hams who participated included: K1NFZ, W1BT, AC1N, K1VDQ, KA1PJX, KA1KHJ, WB1GZB, WG1L, N1ZMD, K1JV, KA1IG, and WB1ARU.

Anne, WB1ARU who coordinated support annually for the event, has done so for almost twenty years!

Capeway Radio Club members also participated in the event. The South Shore Repeater Association repeater is in South Weymouth, and operates on 147.30 MHz. —thanks, WB1ARU.

[This notice was a month or so late. I apologize; the initial communication escaped my attention until now. -K9HI]

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