Special WX statement for FD

GOTA/Field Day 2003 TO CEMARC cc BARC-LIST and SKYWARN Coords — [from N1VUX EMa FD Coordination Editor and SKYWARN NCS]

Current forecast (see statement below) looks like coming the heat-wave *should* break before Field Day, with only chance of showers and warm-spring… but timing is always the problem. If this heat-wave slips/stalls, Field Day could be grueling. Keep an eye to the forecasts.

Note that all Field Day encampments should monitor their SKYWARN repeater as well as NOAA Weather Radio (alert mode) and an AM radio set to a dead channel(as a lightning early-warning alarm).

National Weather Service Taunton MA
908 PM EDT Mon Jun 23 2003

A 3 to 4 day heat wave is expected for the Connecticut River Valley and parts of Southern New Hampshire Eastern Massachusetts and interior Rhode Island this week.

The first 90 degree heat of the year will occur across most of Southern New England by 2 PM Thursday.

The heat wave will probably reach its most intense stage Thursday afternoon with temperatures well up in the 90S and heat indices projecting to reach near 105 degrees for an hour 2 away from the coast.

Temperatures will be just shy of the near 100 degree records for June 26th, nevertheless Hartford, Springfield and Nashua may reach 97 before this week is out.

The heat wave will probably begin Tuesday afternoon in Hartford, Springfield and also in Manchester and Nashua New Hampshire, lasting through Friday there.

Three day heat waves are probable for parts of Eastern Massachusetts and interior northwest Rhode Island beginning Wednesday.

Be prepared for a huge change in weather conditions.

Air conditioned facilities should be used late each morning through the evening hours, drink plenty of non alcoholic beverages and eat small meals, dont lock pets or animals in parked cars with windows rolled up, and check on your elderly neighbors, especially those who may not have air conditioning.

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