My First Delivery of NTS Traffic

It was 10:40PM on the Heavy Hitters Traffic Net. John W1ZNY (now a silent key) listed a
piece of traffic for Quincy. I had been checking into the Traffic Nets for about 2 weeks
and I finally built up the courage to take a piece of traffic.

I jumped in at the next listing of traffic and said, “N1LKJ for Quincy”. The Net Control
quickly replied, “N1LKJ for Quincy”. “W1ZNY please call N1LKJ and pass 1 Quincy
on frequency”. “Roger” came the reply from W1ZNY. “N1LKJ from W!ZNY are you
ready to copy”? “Yes” I replied “But go slow, its my first time”. “No problem” said
John. “Please copy message ” and he passed me the message at a copyable pace.

Shortly after that I was cleared from the Net. It was now about 10:45PM and I was very
proud of myself and quickly reached for the phone to deliver the traffic. After several
rings the phone was answered by a female voice, who the message was indented for.

I introduced my self and told her I had a message for her from Courage Handy Hams in
Golden Valley Minnisota. I then proceeded to give her the message. She thanked me for
the message and then said. “Please don’t deliver me any more messages after 10 o’clock
because I am a handicapped person, confined to a wheelchair and dependent on others
to put me into bed”. My stomach fell to my feet and I profusely apologized to her.

She quickly accepeted my apology. I told her it was my first piece of traffic I ever delivered
and after that she asked me questions about Ham Radio and we talked for a few minutes.
Needless to say I learned a very important lesson. I never delivered another piece of traffic
after 9:00PM, except of course if it was emergency traffic or Mars Traffic.

The women became a regular user of the NTS, for sending out greetings to friends and
relatives all over the country. Sadly she passed away a few years ago, but I will never
forget that first piece of traffic.


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