Operation “On Target” July 19, 2003

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Subject: Operation ON-TARGET
From: Bob Bruninga
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 00:01:11 -0400 (EDT)
X-Message-Number: 4

Scouts all over the USA (near mountains) will be climbing to the top of
hills and mountains in 3 weeks to use flashing signal mirrors (and HAM
radio) to communicate from mountain-top-to-mountain top or anywhere they
can. Many will use HAM radio and many will use FRS. Some may even use

If you like to DO things with HAM radio, contact you scout troop and have
fun! On July 19th. de WB4APR
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Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 21:34:29 -0600
From: n7tek
Subject: [Scoutradio] Operation On Target is 3 weeks away (Sat.,
7/19/2003)! Have you registered yet?


Operation On Target is 3 weeks away (Sat., 7/19/2003)! Have you registered
for a peak (or some other point)? If you haven’t go to the following
Operation On Target webpage and click on the “Registration” link in the


I’ve provided the following link to see the list of 33 peaks (so far) that
have been registered for:


Amateur Radio (HAM) operators that want to volunteer to help may learn more
about this event and signup to help at the following webpage:


You may have noticed that there are many teams that have signed up that
don’t have a HAM with them and we are encouraging HAMs to contact these
teams directly to offer their services. Some HAMs have already volunteered
to help and are listed on the webpage at the link below:


Teams please put them to use!

Mike Nielson, wmnielson9@bigplanet.com, will be finalizing and posting the
simplex frequencies and some of the repeater frequencies that will be used
for this event on the “bsa_on_target@yahoogroups.com” group. Please
register for this group if you are not already a member by going to the
following webpage:


Don’t assume that you have to be on a peak to signal with mirrors and by
radio (or cell phone). We realize that some may not want to climb a peak OR
you may not have any mountains or hills in your area. We would love to have
people organize there own version of On Target in your area perhaps
signaling from building to building, elevated structure, or even along
highways. Also we would love to have HAMs in the valley signal teams on
peaks in there areas.

This could be a great after Field Day event for the Amateur Radio community
to get involved in. We would love to see HF radio and other modes used to
coordinate and provide communications between states and areas. We would
also love to see chains of contacts created from coast to coast and from
Canada to Mexico (and perhaps beyond) in North America. I suppose the same
could be done in England and Europe. Each area could tailor the event to
fit their needs and their geography.

Thank you,
John Blackham
John Blackham, N7TEK
HOME: 384 North 75 East, North Salt Lake, UT, USA 84054-2320
PHONE: (H) 801-295-3036 E-MAIL: n7tek@networld.com

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