New North Attleboro High School ARC Forming

No. Attleboro High School imageAlexander Rullo, KB1JLU wrote:

“As many of you are aware there will be a new club at the North Attleboro High School this year. The youth-oriented amateur radio club will be taking place after school on a regular schedule to be determined.

The mission of the club is two-fold. First and foremost, the purpose of this club is to get youth interested in this fine hobby so that they may enjoy what we already do. Secondly the overall goal is of helping them obtain an amateur radio operators license.

The teaching philosophy of this club will be the same as the Massachusetts Maritime Academy; Learn-Do-Learn. The way we hope to carry out this teaching philosophy is through teaching from the ever-famous (and almost infamous) Now You’re Talking series. This, accompanied by actual experience on the air, should achieve both our goals.

The club is coming along. There is an initial core of students interested and we have not yet advertised. We expect a few more by the second or third week of this school year. We have also located radio equipment and are in the process of testing the equipment and antennas. On top of this we have located a place to hold our club; complete with a computer supplied by NAHS.

Although we do have full sponsorship from the SMH ARC we would like to keep costs down. We could use some help. If anybody is able to donate anything it would be appreciated. We can always use; radio equipment (even if it does not work; it may be a good hands-on project); teaching aids, including books and pamphlets; monetary donations; and of course experienced operators for presentations and other such activities. If anybody can help in any way please contact me at . I will also be available if you have any comments, questions or concerns. A copy of the club proposal is also available upon request.

Before concluding I would like to extend a thanks to John V. Bellissimo, KA1EWN. Our teachers at the school are very busy especially with last years budget crisis and recent change in administration. EWN has put forth much more effort than I expected. Initially all I really wanted was a signature, a teacher to officiate for the club. The club hasn’t even started and he has proved to be a more valuable asset than I could ever have imagined. Thanks for all the hard work!

In closing, do not hesitate to contact me if you have ANY comments, questions or concerns. I will try to help you the best I can.

Alexander Rullo


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