Harvard Wireless Club, Tobin School To Sponsor a “Big Project”

HWC logoThe Harvard Wireless Club will join with a Cambridge public school in filing an application for a Stations in Schools grant under the League’s Amateur Radio Education & Technology Program (a.k.a. “Big Project”), according to Mike Manafo, K3UOC and Tim McBride, N1QZY.

“The application was authored by Dr. Peg LeGendre, Science Mentor Teacher for the Cambridge Public Schools,” said Manafo, a Harvard alum and former HWC station manager. McBride, who is HWC’s current station manager, is coordinating efforts on behalf of Harvard Wireless Club.

The application, entitled Tobin Girls Ham it Up, outlines a comprehensive amateur radio educational program involving 16 elementary level girls at Tobin School in Cambridge, according to Manafo. “As we all know, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create interest among our youth in ham radio. With computers and many competing interests for our kids’ time, radio is a tough sell these days. Dr. LeGendre has, with Tim’s able input, proposed an amateur radio program that will appeal to elementary school-age children, specifically to girls. Many of them are minority children.”

Two teachers from Tobin Elementary School attended a productive meeting at Harvard Wireless Club on November 5.

“Peg LeGendre sent the application in and has already received some good feedback from ARRL,” said McBride. “If it’s approved, the ARRL will provide the girls with a radio and teaching materials.”

While many of the HWC members have indicated their interest, McBride is looking for as many people as possible to volunteer.

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