Nuclear Power Plant Talk at Massasoit ARA

MARA logoMembers of the Massassoit Amateur Radio Association heard a presentation at its October meeting by Tom Sowdon, Superintendent, Emergency Preparedness for the Entergy Nuclear Generating Company in Plymouth. Sowdon discussed the plant’s reinforced containment features and outlined the ongoing security measures at the plant that have been enhanced over the years. These include measures such as palm readers for access and expanded perimeter no-trespassing zones—especially over water.

Sowdon explained the notification procedures for the surrounding area in the event of an “Unusual Event” that could lead to a General Emergency triggering an evacuation of all the residents within a specific area around the plant. The area in question, said Sowdon, would be key-shaped and would include a larger section in the direction of the prevailing winds. Residents—including children in schools—would be sent to host facilities in Bridgewater, Taunton and Braintree.

Members of the Massasoit ARA and the Whitman ARC have volunteered to assist local emergency management agencies in the nuclear power plant evacuation plan. —Thanks, MARA News

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