Metro Repeater Outages This Weekend

Under construction logoSeveral Boston-area 2 meter and 440 MHz repeaters are scheduled to be down for maintenance this weekend, prompting concern from at least one active SKYWARN member.

Boston ARC Secretary Mike Ardai, N1IST announced yesterday that the BARC 145.23 and 447.175 repeaters would be off the air this weekend for building maintenance. Coincidental with this work, the Waltham ARA is planning a work party on Saturday to fix the feedline on the 146.64 Waltham repeater.

“Both [might be] down at once, in which case we’d have to ask MMRA to activate the net for ARES or SKYWARN?” asks Bill Ricker, N1VUX.

The 146.64 and 145.23 repeaters host primary and secondary nets for SKYWARN, RACES, or ARES activations in addition to regularly scheduled traffic nets.

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