Falmouth ARA Emergency Preparedness

Falmouth ARA logoFalmouth’s Emergency Operations Center will soon have a wire antenna for 40- and 80-meter operation installed by Falmouth Amateur Radio Association, according to FARA president Bob Courtemanche, N1WAT. The wire antenna will complement an existing dual band antenna, according to Courtemanche. “Also, the Mashpee Fire Chief would like a list of people who would be available to help with emergency communiations in Mashpee,” noted N1WAT.

The Falmouth ARA recently purchased three APRS systems for use in emergency situations and for public service events. Saul Dinman, K1BI, brought one to a FARA meeting for members to see. The equipement was used during the Cape Cod marathon and gave “excellent coverage.”

—Thanks Falmouth Amateur Radio Association, Inc. newsletter, November 2003

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