MMRA Announces EchoLink Node

MMRA logoMonths of testing an EchoLink node on the Minuteman Repeater Assocation has produced positive results, according to MMRA president Kevin Paetzold, K1KWP.

“An EchoLink node had been hosted by N1QPR at his QTH. We suspected the path from the N1QPR QTH to [our hub] was not the best and these tests confirmed those suspicions.” Paetzold reports that a new Echolink node has been put together by W1BRI and it is now being hosted by K1IW at his QTH.

The MMRA Echolink node is listed under the club call sign W1MRA. At the present time, the W1MRA node cannot initiate outgoing connections due to a conflict with various DTMF repeater control codes. However, said K1KWP, “We do plan to eventually be able to allow initiation of outgoing connections via a prefix code which will be given to all members.” Paetzold added, “It’s expected that stations or repeaters which are not reachable via the MMRA network will now be able to reliably connect and participate in nets which are held on the MMRA repeaters, such as the TIAOS Net, the monthly ARES Net, and the CEMARC Youth Net. And, it would be great to hear those members who have moved away connect back into the repeaters.”

The EchoLink node will allow stations in other areas of Eastern Massachusetts that are presently unable to participate in the monthly ARES net to do so.

Paetzold concluded, “On behalf of the MMRA I would like to thank N1QPR, W1BRI and K1IW for making this all possible.” —Thanks, The Minuteman, January 2004

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