Kids Day Operation January 4

NC1N writes on the framinghamara-l:

Tomorrow (Sunday, January 4, 2004) features the semi-annual Kids Day operating event from 1800-2400Z.

If you have a few moments to get on HF, there will be kids around the country looking for a taste of ham radio. Typically, the kids are unlicensed and young, operating under the watchful guidance of a proud parental control operator.

If you have a few moments from 1 to 7 PM tomorrow, consider firing up the rig and giving out a Q.

NC1N will be on the air from time to time during the event with my two sons at the microphone.

Suggested Frequencies: 28350 to 28400 kHz, 21380 to 21400, 14270 to 14300 kHz and 2-meter repeater frequencies with permission from the repeater sponsor. Suggested exchange: Name, age, location and favorite color. You are encouraged to work the same station again if an operator has changed. Full rules can be found at

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