School Clubs Seek Ham Equipment Donation

Two school clubs are seeking donations of ham equipment, according to “Skip” Denault, KB1CNB. “There are two school radio clubs with 20 or so potential new hams that would really benefit from the loan or donation of your unused equipment.” The school clubs are: the TBC (Third Baptist Christian) ARA (KB1KLG) and the New Testament Knights ARC (KB1KLE). The clubs are located in Fall River and Norton, respectively.

KB1CNB explains that 2-meter and HF radios, power supplies, coax, code keys and oscillators are most welcome. “Anything else that you have will be useful as well. Items in working condition are preferred, but ‘d.o.a.’ is okay.”

Denault reminds everyone that equipment donations to the school clubs are tax deductable. Skip Denault can be contacted at

Items may be dropped off at a Bristol County RA meeting.

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