UHF Repeater Test (2nd request)

EMa ARES Logo We request that you gather signal reports from the list of repeaters listed below. It should be fun, and take about a half hour.

Please list:

Your location and date/time
Whether home or mobile
List of repeaters worked
Power on input
Antenna type
Other comments (i.e. unusually good or bad location, weather, etc.)

Please send reports to w1mpn@ema.arrl.org

[Note: “446.725 is off the air at this instant. That will probably change in a day
or so”, per K1KWP 19 Jan 04 – W1MPN].

List of repeaters: (please press read more link button>>>)443.450-Westport Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

443.700-Gloucester Repeater No PL Listed

444.200-Bourne Repeater PL: 118.8 Hz

445.175-Newton Repeater PL: 141.3 Hz

446.575-Boston Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

449.925-Marlborough Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz Part of
MMRA System

446.725-Stoneham Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz Part
of MMRA System

447.075-Kingston Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

447.175-Boston Repeater PL: 110.9 Hz

447.325-Truro Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

447.575-Concord Repeater PL: 110.9 Hz

447.975-North Attleboro Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

448.125-Framingham Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

448.975-Walpole Repeater PL: 141.3 Hz

449.075-Waltham Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

The following repeaters were considered Good location, good local coverage,
may have extended coverage and has linking capability (to either other
repeaters, IRLP, Echolink or a combination of each):

442.450-Westford Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

443.350-Pack Monadnock, NH PL: 110.9 Hz

443.500-Dennis Repeater PL: 141.3 Hz Part
of Cape Cod Link Sys.

443.800-Dartmouth Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

444.200-North Truro Repeater PL: 141.3 Hz

444.250-Falmouth Repeater PL: 141.3 Hz Part
of Cape Cod Link Sys.

445.175-Barnstable Repeater PL: 141.3 Hz Part
of Cape Cod Link Sys.

447.875-Brookline Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz Part
of MMRA/Has Echolink

446.675-Marlborough Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz Algonquin

The following repeaters have good location but unknown or questionable
coverage. Some of these repeaters may have IRLP or Echolink coverage:

441.075-Chelmsford Repeater PL: 100.0 Hz

441.400-Assonet Repeater PL: 192.8 Hz

441.400-Plymouth Repeater PL: 100.0 Hz

441.500-Medfield Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

441.750-Seekonk Repeater PL: 192.8 Hz

441.850-Bradford Repeater PL: 127.3 Hz

442.250-Marlborough Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz -Has Echolink

442.500-Braintree Repeater PL: 118.8 Hz

442.800-Danvers Repeater PL: 136.5 Hz

442.900-Pepperell Repeater PL: 100 Hz

443.200-North Andover Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

443.600-Norwell Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz -Has Echolink

444.100-Wilmington Repeater PL: 123.0 Hz

444.300-Saugus Repeater PL: 123.0 Hz

443.350-Fall River Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

444.550-Bridgewater Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

444.600-Newton Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

444.700-Boston Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

446.525-Reading Repeater PL: 151.4 Hz

446.875-North Reading Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

446.925-Medford Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

447.025-Peabody Repeater PL: 110.9 Hz

447.275-Haverhill Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

447.625-Lawrence Repeater PL: 88.5 Hz

447.675-Natick Repeater PL: 203.5 Hz -RACES?

449.650-Belmont Repeater PL: 67.0 Hz

449.725-Cambridge Repeater PL: 114.8 Hz

449.825-Woburn Repeater PL: 136.5 Hz

Thanks in advance for your help.

Michael P. Neilsen, W1MPN, EMa SEC
978.562.5662 Voice
978.389.0558 FAX/Secondary Voice

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