Public Service List, January 20, 2004

       PSLIST                                             January 20, 2004

Public Service Volunteer Opportunities in the New England Division

Listing public events at which Amateur Radio communications is providing
a public service and for which additional volunteers from the Amateur
Community are needed and welcome. Please contact the person listed to
identify how you may serve and what equipment you may need to bring.

The most up-to-date copy of this list is maintained as

**** Every event listed is looking for communications volunteers ****

Date Location Event Contact Tel/Email

Feb 13 Laconia NH Sled Dog races David KA1VJU 603-581-2602
to 15
Feb 14 Sandwich Notch NH Sled Dog race David KA1VJU 603-581-2602
Apr 25 Groton MA Groton Road Race Ralph KD1SM 978-582-7351
May 15 Portsmouth NH Lung Association bike trek David KA1VJU 603-581-2602
to Ogunquit ME
May 16 Ogunquit ME Lung Association bike trek David KA1VJU 603-581-2602
to Portsmouth NH

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We make an attempt to confirm entries with the coordinator unless the
information is from another published source. We very much appreciate
the assistance we have been receiving from our 'scouts'; everyone is
welcome to send us postings.

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