Opportunities for CERT Training

CERT logoTerry Stader, KA8SCP writes on CEMARC-list:

At the past CEMARC meeting I mentioned that a number of PART members were attending a CERT class in Lowell. For those of you that are not familiar with CERT, it stands for Community Emergency Response Team. This is a FEMA program and part of the Citizen’s Corp. collection of volunteers. In the class, we will be learning how a team of volunteers can work together in advance of the local government public safety professionals arriving on scene during a disaster.

Here is a link to an article that recently appeared in the Lowell Sun about the first class recently held in Lowell, Ken-KB1FFM, Hugh-N1QGE and myself are a part of the 12 students attending this second class:


For more information on CERT, you can check out the FEMA site:


What communities in Massachusetts have programs in place or getting started:


If your club is looking for a way to be a resource to your community, you may want to participate in these classes and be part of a team of like volunteers. Communications is one of the vital links we can provide to the community as well as a trained volunteer is disaster services.

Terry M. Stader – KA8SCP
MEMA Region 1 Communications/RACES Officer
The Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford, MA – WB1GOF

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