Boxboro: Call For Speakers and Participants

Boxboro logoKen Caruso, WO1N writes:

This is a call for speakers and participants willing to contribute to the 2004 ARRL New England Division Convention program.

Note the new dates for the convention this year: August 13, 14 and 15, 2004.

We have some 50+ hours of programming slots to fill. Please drop me a note indicating your willingness to participate. At this point a subject title is fine, if you are so prepared include a brief abstract.

If you are a club or organization (e.g. NESMC, CEMARC, MARS) we can help facilitate open forums or closed meetings by providing you a meeting room. I am asking organizations of this type to please consider Sunday morning time slots.

As always table slots for information booths are tight, so please get your request in early. We will be expecting some volunteer time in return for the table to help us with parking, ticket sales and other convention logistics.

Keep an eye on the web site,, for the latest information.

Note, if you require a hotel room, make your reservations ASAP per the instructions contained on the web site to get the special convention rate.

I look forward to meeting you at the convention!

Ken Caruso, WO1N, Boxboro Program Chairman
978-952-5377 (Days)
978-663-3027 (Evenings)

Billerica ARS Newsletter, April 2004

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