Ham Exhibit at Marshfield Fair!

Whitman ARC logoRobert Burns, K1RV writes:

The annual Marshfield Fair will be held Friday, August 20th thru Sunday, August 29th, 2004, at the fairgrounds on Route 3-A in Marshfield, MA. It is great to see that this year’s fair will not include the Boxboro Convention dates.

Again this year, we will have an Amateur Radio Exhibit in the Non-Profit Exhibit area. Others expected to return to the Non-Profit exhibits are – the National Weather Service (from Taunton); Massachusetts State Treasurer’s Office; Rotary Club; and so on.

The fair is open 12 Noon to 10 PM on Monday through Friday and from 10 AM to 10 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

We are looking for amateur radio operators to be at the Amateur Radio Booth. I am seeking the support of the Whitman Amateur Radio and USS Salem Radio Clubs – both groups may support their own organizations and programs. Perhaps the HamTestOnLine group might be willing to be part of this FREE exhibit. It would be great if a member of these groups would volunteer to be a “point” person and help obtain people for the booth.

The Marshfield Fair Radio Club is the coordinator of activities and booth support people. Our call sign, NN1MF is suggested to be used for 2004. I am having QSL Cards printed and the QSL Manager will be K1RB (myself) at my home address.

Each person assigned to the booth will be provided fair passes for the days they will be present. Arrangements for family members to visit the fair can be made directly with K1RB.

We need both operators and station equipment. We would like to have both an HF and VHF/UHF station.

Please email me any days and times you might be able to assist. I would like to keep the minimum time at the booth to 4-hour shifts – but I am willing to accept less time. Also, please indicate days available.

My daughter Bridget, is the fair’s Director in charge of Non-Profit exhibits. She is working on a location inside a building. I am the fair’s Director – Public Relations and Special Projects. This year I will be in the 4-H and Non-Profit area more than I have in the past. I also am responsible for setting up commercial radio & TV station areas and working on the “Oldies Show” production area both Saturdays.

Thanks for your support in the past, and I look forward to your help in 2004.

Bob Burns
Whitman, Massachusetts

Robert F. Burns
Director – MAHS (Public Relations)

Email : k1rb@arrl.net -or- k1rb@comcast.net

Home : 781-447-5347

Fair Office : 781-834-6620

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